Control Solution

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The control solution contains a known quantity of glucose which reacts with the test strips and is used to check that your blood glucose meter and test strips work properly together. Test results with the control solution must be within the result range printed on the test strip vial.  

Equipment needed to perform a control solution test

  • iHealth Gluco-Monitoring System (BG5).
  • Test strip
  • iHealth control solution

When should a test with control solution be carried out?

  • When first unpacking your blood glucose meter.
  • Periodic inspection (recommended once a week).
  • When opening a new vial of test strips.
  • When the blood glucose meter and/or test strips are not operating correctly.
  • When your blood glucose level read is not what you expected (according to your general condition / feeling) or you think the result is inaccurate.
  • After the tests trips have been exposed to extreme conditions (heat, cold, humidity).
  • After dropping your blood glucose meter or a shock.